Maldives - One step to paradise

Only once arriving here, I can feel the attraction of this enchanting land. The 1970s, when the first two are open resort in Maldives country, many people were skeptical that there will be tourists visiting the islands lying between the players with the vast Indian Ocean. Today, the Maldives has become a destination resort desirable gourmet. Really, only once set foot here, I can feel the attraction of this enchanting land. Once the plane has landed, Maldives visitors were greeted by blue sea and white sand. Hulhuthu airport's runway, the only international airport of the island is only 300,000 people, there are three sides to the sea.

Peaceful holiday in the Maldives

Holiday in the Maldives

Photo: Han Cheng Tan

After nearly 5 -hour flight from Singapore, I was relieved when the sun reached its golden honey and inhale the salty sea breeze. To develop tourism, the Maldives government does not require a visa for visits under 30 days. Just present your passport and the name of the hotel or resort opening their own home is that you can quickly entry. Of the nearly 1,200 small coral islands forming large Maldives, only 185 islands where the natives live, the island remains largely the resort. Constance Halaveli resort 's staff immediately greeted me at the airport and guide me to change money and buy a phone card. Finished, we boarded the minibus was waiting for the seaplane landing strip. Maldivian Air Taxi company prides itself with the slogan "A unique experience" (a unique experience) her. Indeed, less where you are flying on the red seaplane pilots with... barefoot like here.
The plane is fairly cramped and noisy, but very low to compensate passengers flying pleasure watching the atoll as the string pearls on a white background deep blue sea. A seaplane tour starting Hulhuthu usually stops at several different islands before returning to the starting point. Once landed, the pilot he flung open the cockpit window to sliding into the sea breeze... transient. After about 1 hour, but nearly half of the time is 3 times the takeoff and landing to pick up and drop-off at different resorts, I arrived at Constance Halaveli Resort, Alifuu Islands.

Taxi - Seaplane at Maldives

Maldives Taxi

Photo: Filippo Degiovanni

Constance Halaveli, as well as most of the other resort, an exclusive private coral island for yourself. The coral islands in the Maldives have very similar structure, consisting of a circular coral ring, "grow" up from the ocean floor. Wind and water erosion skeleton of millions of individual coral sand, so between each round coral is a very shallow waters, usually less than 2m, the bottom is fine sand. A water villa built on piles above the water at Constance Halaveli extensive redundancy for a family of 2-4 people. In addition to the usual lavish comforts, each villa has a sun deck (about sunbathing terrace ) looks straight out to sea extremely spacious with a straight wooden staircase leads down to the crystal clear water. Private pool on the sun deck now seems somewhat redundant, in addition to his role as soaked spot to sip wine while watching the sea. Sea where there are three green color: bright as emeralds and in shallow water, deep blue on the edge of the reef and the ocean purple magical far away. Coral reefs cover almost make no ocean waves and attract countless fish to find food and shelter. Even just walking along wooden bridges throughout the resort, you can certainly see enough small fish to hover. If you notice, the opportunity to observe a few rays lazy uncle bottom water or even a two man small harmless sharks are quite high.

Hotel Constance Halaveli Villa - Maldives

Hotel Constance Halaveli Villa


Just borrow a mask and duck feet from the reception desk, visitors can unleash spend hours diving snorkel in the coral reefs around the resort. No need to swim 100m away so you can see firsthand the colorful fish swim boldly, fearlessly among the colorful coral branches. And if you do not like diving, you can lie on the white sand, chalk and smooth as enjoying the warm sunshine . For lovers of diving is equipped with oxygen tanks ( scuba diving ), the Maldives is an ideal destination in the world.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Maldives, Rangali Island

Photo: Dan & Luiza

Here, I discovered, is also an ideal place to learn scuba diving. Most of the resort has a dive center is recognized worldwide as PADI or SSI. Only $ 200 one morning, a certified instructor will guide you the basic skills under the pool, then lead you to a dive about 50 minutes. The price is not too expensive to spend, especially if compared to prices in resort and dining room, but experienced fish swimming among green coin east to thousands of children, feeling nervous but excited as a top larger shark who goes over, or just admire the spectacular coral wall as he stepped from the movie "Finding Nemo" less than half a meter from you, it really does not pen unspeakably. Was attracted immediately after the first try, I registered to a two day course to get a certificate divers (scuba diver) have global value. First control its buoyancy, can move in all directions almost weightless in the water is an experience nothing comparable. Sitting seaside brilliant sunset, look chefs barracuda fish due to arm themselves more sentences night before, I can not help but regret that we can not last much longer trip.

Maldives Bandos island

Maldives Bandos island

Photo: Malcolm Browne

A traveler once said: " From the Maldives to paradise only by one step. " Under the sunset light pink pearls cascade down as the sea is crystal clear, step seemed very small. The Maldives Rufiyaa using copper (MRF) , 1 USD = 15.4 MRF. However, most of the shops still accept payment in U.S. dollars, Visa, Mastercard, Amex. When changing money at the airport, you should keep your receipts, so if the end goal can not reverse when leaving.

Unrivalled luxury in Maldives

Unrivalled luxury in Maldives


Take the train usually takes more than an hour and prone to seasickness. Fly by seaplane but quite expensive and somewhat stuffy during the day (probably not suitable for children under 4 years old ), but is a unique part of the trip, you should try. If in the capital Malé, you will not need to book tickets seaplane or boat to snorkel diving in the sea. However, to really experience the Maldives , you should stay at a resort outside of Malé. Meals are quite expensive at the major resorts, from 150 USD / 2 people / meal or more. The capital Malé is small, only takes 2-3 hours walking, 10 minutes away from the airport ferry . You can book flights on the Singapore night, the evening before visiting Malé procedures at airports. Should fly to the Maldives in the morning because there is no seaplane after 3pm and you will have to sleep a night in Malé.

Stunning white-sand beaches make the Maldives an obvious choice for a true holiday

Maldives Beach


Maldives Basic Information

  • Country: Maldives
  • Language: Maldivian (Dhivehi)
  • Time Zone: UTC 5
  • Currency: Maldivian Rufiyaa (MRF)
  • Weather: The weather in the Maldives is usually picture perfect: sunlit days, breezy nights, balmy mornings, and iridescent sunsets. Maldives has two distinct seasons; dry season and wet season, with the former extending from January to March and the latter from mid-May to November.
  • Country Code: 960
  • Region: Asia

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