10 dramatic black sand beaches in the world

Instead of white sand, you will admire the mysterious beauty of the black sand beachs with more new experiences.

1. Punaluu, Hawaii
Punaluʻu is a census-designated place and rural community in the Koʻolauloa District on the island of Oʻahu, City & County of Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. This is one of the most famous black sand beaches in Hawaii and a place to spot protected honu, or Hawaiian green sea turtles.

Punaluu Black Sand Beach

Punaluu Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

2. Vik, Iceland
Located in the south of Iceland, Reykjavik 110 miles from the capital, famous black sand beach on the south was created by lava flowing into a glacier Myrdalsjokull centuries. Surrounded by the majestic highlands, the escarpment and the mysterious basalt dome, Vik beach has been recognized as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world in 1991. This is also considered a haven for millions of birds, including albatross species shortening famous.

Sunrise at Vik Beach

The wonderful Vik beach in southern Iceland

Photo: sophieatkinson

Vik beach in southern Iceland

3. Black Sands Beach, California
Located on the coast in California Lost stretches about 80 miles, this beach is surrounded by mountain peaks King and Redwood forests. Therefore, this is not the place attracts many tourists. Instead of swimming, most people usually like to go for a walk along the beach and take pictures by the beautiful scenery here. However, in winter, when the Pacific sea-level rise and large, Black Sands Beach became a favorite destination for those who love surfing.

Black Sand beach, Shelter Cove, CA

Black Sand beach, Shelter Cove, CA Looking south, back towards Shelter Cove, from the beach

Photo: Jeremiah Murphy

4. Kehena Beach - Hawaii
The Hawaiian Islands are home to many famous black sand beaches in the world. Located in the Puna district, this small beach Kehena not only be considered to have the most beautiful black "skin", but it is also one of the nude beach in Hawaii permitted. Here, you can have fun delight with dolphins, here's why this beach is also known as the Sea Dolphin. This place is also famous for the intense flow vortices and waves are strong. Therefore, most people usually sit on the sand, enjoying the pleasant weather and the cool blue water.

Kehena Beach

Photo: kevinstraveljournal.com

5. Prince William Sound, Alaska
Away from the city of Anchorage about 60 miles, Prince William Sound beach is surrounded by rivers and icebergs stranded here thousands of years ago. Here, you will see waterfalls, luscious green rolling hills and hundreds of wild birds. Especially here, tourists will experience full of fun with kayaking.

Black Sand Beach: Prince William Sound

6. Cahuita, Costa Rica
How about 27 miles south of Puerto Limon, Cahuita beach, also known as black sand beach Playa Negra has the most famous country wide. Blue water, smooth sand is ideal for swimming, walking, fishing and boating. This beach has also received numerous awards for clean water ecology, natural resource management, environmental protection.

Playa Negra Cahuita Beach

Photo: goos.S

7. Santo Domingo, Albay, Philippine
Due to the activities of the volcano, Albay is home to many black sand beaches in the Philippines most, including Santo Domingo beach is considered the most beautiful. Strange beauty of black sand beaches contrast with the green of the trees and the cool waters create extremely impressive spectacle.

Santo Domingo, Albay Beach

8. Point Venus, Tahiti
Tahiti is world renowned island with black sand beaches, including Lighthouse Point Venus. The reason, this beach is named so as the expedition of Captain James Cook chose this island is home to observe Venus, when the planet passes through the earth and the sun.

The black sand beach at Point Venus, Tahiti

9. Anse Chastanet Resort, St. Lucia
St. Lucia is a Caribbean destination for travelers looking for both adventure and relaxation. You can explore the rain forest, the scenic mountains and waterfalls; alternatively, you can simply relax on the beach. The sands of the St. Lucia beaches range from white to gold to black, creating sharp contrasts with the clear water of the Caribbean. The dramatic black sand is a result of the island's volcanic past, although it may be interspersed with white sand along some stretches.

Anse Chastanet Resort Black Beach, St. Lucia

10. Langkawi Island, Malaysia
Sand at the beach is not completely black, which is a mixture between black and white sand. The people of the island or the origin of black sand here related to the legend of Garuda, a bird half-gods kidnapped Chinese princess whom he falls in love. But the heart of this beautiful princess to belong to a Roman prince. The fight happened about love, and black sand are remnants of this war.

 Langkawi Island, Malaysia

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