Bora Bora, French Polynesia

As a small island in the Leeward Islands of French, Bora Bora is like a paradise on earth for lovers of sea travel. Contrary to those who love adventure, many Bora Bora for people to rest and relax. Bora Bora can be said is the first choice for those who prefer to travel by sea air cool, calm and relaxation that it brings to the island do not match. Bora Bora is in the Leeward Islands group of French Polynesia, a French overseas assets in the Pacific. The middle of the island of Bora Bora, and Otimanui Pahia two peaks standing like two towers with water splashing feet - a very beautiful sight. Two mountain is actually leftover remnants of a mountain half off.

Bora Bora Vacations

Romantic Bora Bora Vacations

Photo: Samantha Tran

Bora Bora islands other than the Maldives island structure is formed by the system atolls, lagoons with coral reefs within the perimeter surrounded by land. The original name was Pora Pora means first born, the island is a paradise in the heart of the Pacific has attracted millions of visitors each year to this resort. Bora Bora is a major international tourist destination, famous for its luxury resorts. The island is Bora Bora Airport to the north, next to St Regis Resort, Air Tahiti has daily flights to and from Papeete on Tahiti. According to a census conducted in 2008, the permanent population of Bora Bora is 8,880 people. Bora Bora is an impressive system of shallow beach, you can delight immersed in the cool blue waters with fish swimming the waves. Paradise for you to be entertained, find the silence after the song vicissitudes of urban life. System resort and hotel spas are the negative effects of the sea mingle with nature, the best thing here is the surprise you healthy environment, people's absolute environmental protection as protected areas wild nature in the heart of the ocean. Go to Bora Bora, in addition to the luxury resort of tourists can scuba dive snorkeling and watch colorful fish and attractive than sharks hand touch. Enjoy the dance of the Polynesian Pacific on a boat floating in the sea is interesting especially attractive honeymoon of newly married couples.

Four Seasons Bora Bora

Four Seasons Luxury Resort, Bora Bora

Bora Bora Marara Beach

Hotel Sofitel Bora Bora Marara Beach


Considered a tourist paradise beach, Bora Bora become legendary when someone mentions a resort with beaches have the most amazing scenery in the world. Not only nature, people, animals and the Bora Bora demand service has left a deep imprint in the tourists. Bora Bora is an island in French Polynesia Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Center is a volcanic island off, around the island is surrounded by lagoons and a "barrier" reefs. In the 18th century, 19 it is also known with the name bolabolla or bollabolla but was later replaced by a simpler name: Bora Bora. Bora Bora is famous for its clear waters and powdery white sand island. This beautiful island is very much in favor of calling a tourist paradise in the Pacific ocean. The best way to explore the entire island by bicycle is moving. Sitting on the plane from Tahiti to Bora Bora, we can see a panoramic resort naturally beautiful. The blue waters of the ocean highlight an inviting great...

Bora Bora Island

Beauty of Bora Bora Island, French Polynesia

Photo: Samantha Tran

Many people come to Bora Bora for rest and relaxation. Bora Bora can be said is the first choice for those who prefer to travel by sea air cool, calm and relaxation that it brings to the island do not match. Not only does owning a beautiful natural landscape that Bora Bora is famous for a lot of resorts and poetic beauty here. " Hotel on the beach " is a small room, simple layout, in accordance with nature. More specifically, the floor is made entirely from solid glass can look under the blue sea beckons. All of the resorts on the floor and lands are paradise with stunning views and create favorable conditions for recreational activities such as walking, cycling or jogging... calm Coast, blue water, white sand stretches and brilliant sunshine, the wind rustling through the leaves of the coconut. Still have renovated and built, upgraded to become the high-end resort, Bora Bora remains untouched beauty alluring characteristic. Bora Bora is not just for rest and relaxation, but it is especially suitable for those travelers who love adventure, adventure. The most famous sights here is the lagoon, where visitors can participate in skiing, windsurfing, water motor racing, scuba diving, swimming. Go to Bora Bora, visitors not only enjoy the natural scenery is stunning but also experience and enjoy yourself with creatures here...

The romantic Island named Bora Bora

Bora Bora - The romantic Island

Hilton Bora Bora

Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa


Unique 1-0-2 in Bora Bora have to mention the presence of sharks swarm. Sharks in Bora Bora kind of black shark fin, only 1.5 meters long, and they are completely harmless to humans. The town is situated in the western islands would take away much of the time tourists with restaurants and cafes romance.

Shark feeding in Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Shark feeding in Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Photo: Pierre Lesage

Local dishes popular in this place is the Poisson Cru, made ​​from tuna or mahi mahi bathed in lime juice and coconut milk. Specialties on the island is the giant coconut crabs. The mass of an adult crabs can reach more than 4 kg. U.S. News & World Report rated Bora Bora is the most beautiful tropical islands in the world. As a small island in the Leeward Islands of French, Bora Bora is like a paradise on earth for lovers of sea travel. Bora Bora is one of the island excursions ideal for couples.

Bora Bora Couples

Bora Bora couples


Bora Bora Basic Information

  • Country: French Polynesia
  • Language: French and Tahitian
  • Time Zone: UTC -10
  • Currency: French Pacific Franc called XPF or CFP Francs
  • Weather: Tropic
  • Country Code: 689
  • Region: The Pacific

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