Karakul Lake, Tajikistan

Perhaps the most beautiful and remote location in Central Asia, Karakul Lake lies in the Pamir Mountains within the Tajik National Park in Tajikistan. Karakul Lake was created by a meteorit 10 millions years ago. Nearly 3,900 m above mean sea level, the community of Karakul survive through nomadic herding of yaks, sheep and goats. The lake's islands are the main places where waterbirds rest and nest. The only fish in the lake is a species of stone loach. From April to October they stay in the high pastures but in the winter they stay in the village and endure the freezing temperatures and thick snows by tending fires to warm the central room of the house. More information, visit: Wikipedia - Karakul.

Karakul Lake

Karakul Lake (Black Lake in Kirghiz)

Photo: Bernard Grua

Karakul Lake was known as Lake Victoria in the 19th and early 20th centuries, It was named after Queen Victoria of Britain who was the grand mother to the last Czar of Russia as well. From October to May the lake is entirely frozen and forms a white expanse when viewed from Karakul village. In the summer, thousands of bar-headed geese, gulls, shelducks, cormorants, and other birds nest on the islands in the centre of the lake.

Karakul Lake 3900 m, East Pamir, Tajikistan

Photo: Sekitar

Karakul Lake in Tajikistan

Lake Karakul or "Black Lake"

Karakul Lake in Tajikistan

Karakul Lake in Tajikistan

Legends of Lake Karakul in Tajikistan

Karakul Lake Basic Information

  • Country: Tajikistan
  • Language: Tajik Language
  • Time Zone: UTC 5
  • Currency: Tajikistani somoni
  • Weather: Tajikistan's climate is continental, subtropical, and semiarid, with some desert areas.
  • Country Code: 992
  • Region: Asia

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