San Francisco, United States

As one of the most populous cities of the United States, San Francisco is located on the highest ridge of the peninsula, between San Francisco Bay and Pacific coast, with special things as diverse residential community with a distinctive culture, beautiful scenery, the famous architect... San Francisco impressive organization Economist Intelligence Unit is recognized as the city's leading tourist in 2013.

Has anyone ever heard at least one song lyric "I left my heart in San Francisco" by Tony Benett? San Francisco is a city sunny, with brilliant blue sea and the rolling undulating hills, where the Bennett said then even Italy's Rome or Paris of France could not match.

San Francisco down-town

San Francisco down-town overview

Traveling America in San Francisco, visitors will get to visit the most famous places of the city such as the Golden Gate Bridge was familiar in movies, Chinatown in San Francisco - Chinatown bustling and noisy, there are cable cars running - the famous Cable Car, of Lombard Street with flowering shrubs bright pink waiting to be photographed, or popular entertainment - Castro district. In San Francisco, you will find lots of things to see, to see or discover, or simply looked up at the blue sky and the world. No wonder Bennett left his heart in this place... San Francisco is a tourist city and you will see that there are all things that you desire, from the California farm area covered by green palm trees outside the outskirts of the city to the hotel is extremely University. Anyone will find a place in accordance with their wishes and budget. Although San Francisco climate often chilly and foggy in the summer, but with the fresh air and the blue sky where the distant San Francisco has always been one of the most favorite tourist destinations of people Americans in particular and the world in general.

San Francisco Street

A San Francisco Street

San Francisco favorite festivals and party. Just look at the city transformed into a festive atmosphere each year, the event clearly. The parade is special favorite of all, because it's such a demonstration of the different cultures and the diverse lifestyle of the people of San Francisco.

January: On the second Saturday of January, local people gathered to celebrated his Birthday Martin Luther King Jr.. Celebration was held on Saturday and Monday of this week, including the day of the youth and family festival at Yerba Buena gardens. On this occasion, free admission to local museums, parades, speeches, and musical performances.

San Francisco Bay - Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco Bay

February / March:The parade on the occasion of the Chinese Lunar New Year is held by Southwest Airlines is considered to be the biggest event of the Lunar New Year outside of Asia territory, with car procession, the parade, the group martial arts, lion dance, coffee popliteal riders, trapeze artist in a dragon parade big (Golden Drangon) long and 70 meters. At the end of the day we also held flares burning 6000. The parade lasts until City Second Street Market.
March: A parade is also a large scale was held in March to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. The Parade in San Francisco began after 12 pm, lasting from Second Street to Market Street and go through the Town Hall building. The artists take advantage of this opportunity to display their talent and entice viewers. The festival was held at Pier 39 with performances on stage at the Entrance Plaza and Center Stage.

San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Bay Area Vacation

April: Let's go to the Japantown area (City of Japan) of San Francisco in April to enjoy the annual festival Northern California Cherry Blossom (cherry blossom festival blooms in northern California). The week-long festival with performances, with every bar serves Japanese martial art exhibitions and traditional crafts.
Just come spring, you can join film festival of indie films of San Francisco - San Francisco Independent Film Festival, choosing among 200 new films to enjoy, include from documentary to drama short of local filmmakers and international.
On the last Sunday of the month marks the opening of the festival crew. Come to Pier 39 to see the more than 150 sailboats decorated fussy to prepare performances.
June: June each year in San Francisco has North Beach Festival which was held in the Italian region of San Francisco - Little Italy (North Beach) attracts more than 100,000 people to attend. This is one of the most significant festivals of the year. Everyone wishes to enjoy the festival atmosphere through music performances, poetry, street chalk drawing and craft stalls, as well as food stalls selling Italian specialties including Pizza.
Pride Parade was held this month. You can admire the colorful parade car decorated and gaudy parade through downtown.
July: No one knows that in July there is a big feast of Americans, Independence Day July 4th. On this day, the festival of fireworks in the sky a majestic place. If you want a closer look, go to the bay, where the boats were available and surf artists ever assembled.

San Francisco Bay Area View from the Oakland Hills

San Francisco Bay Area View from the Oakland Hills

Photo: Mark

August: During August, the theater company Afro Solo Festival held during his four weeks, the artists celebrate African - Americans with arts performances, music concerts and dance, the process recitals and concerts outdoor free admission at Yerba Buena gardens.
Between August there is a festival lasts only a day named after Comedy Day. True to its name, this is the festival of comedy and the comedian. The festival is set in 1981 and this has always been to maintain and attract the most talented and greatest new comedy stage. Let joined the crowd at Sharon Meadow in Golden Gate Park to the park to enjoy the comedy, cheerleading by more than 500 artists across the country comedy.
Late last week of August, in Golden Gate Park Park festival organized labor. For nearly three days, a lot of beer and wine specialties of San Francisco by more than 40 of the most popular restaurants serve bays so you can taste it.
September: Chocolate lovers can not miss the Chocolate Festival Square Ghirardell i lasted two days. You will have the opportunity to taste all kinds of restaurants chocolate and chocolate artists of the bay. A very interesting event took place in this festival is the ice cream sundae eating contest, the winner will be rewarded with the right amount of chocolate in their body weight. In September in San Francisco, with the San Francisco Fringe Festival, with the participation of more than 55 theater groups national and international.

San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Bay Beauty

October: If you like jazz, you will surely satisfied with the jazz festival held in San Francisco last November. This festival is held for 20 years with the participation of the big names of world jazz.
November: Dias de Los Muertos Day of the Mexican community in San Francisco to be held in early November every year. On this holiday to pay tribute to ancestors and loved ones lost, with large deck and people holding candles for prayer.
In San Francisco, November is the annual wine tasting festival - Family Winemakers Tasting Annnual. This is the most famous festival in the world of California wine. The event attracted over 300 liquor stores and 3,000 guests attended, was held at The Festival (Festival Pavillon) at Fort Mason Center.
December: San Francisco's New Year's Eve party held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium attracts thousands of people and lively annual party favorite.

Fireworks at Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco Fireworks at Golden Gate Bridge

Attractions In San Francisco

  • Golden Gate Park

    Golden Gate Park

    As a large urban park with windmills, wildlife, trails, lakes, lush gardens, sports facilities parks and museums both a hidden area between the charm here. With over 1017 acres, the park than 20% compared to the New York Center Park. Where you can play that prefer a full day in a lyrical romantic scene. Better to hire a bike and enjoy all the fun in the park and plan to visit.

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  • The Mission District

    The Mission District

    Also commonly called "The Mission" is a neighborhood in San Francisco, Mission District is located in east-central San Francisco. The Mission has a number of distinct personalities: it's the Latino neighborhood where workers raise their families and where gangs occasionally clash, it’s center of coffee and bars in town, it's a culinary epicenter, with the strongest concentration of ...

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  • Nob Hill And Russia Hill

    Nob Hill And Russia Hill

    Nob Hill-Russian Hill is an area in the northeastern part of San Francisco made up of the two adjoining neighborhoods. Nob Hill is a rich neighborhood dating back to the gold rush, today renowned for its lavish hotels(the Mark Hopkins, the Ritz Carlton, the Fairmon) luxurious shops.

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  • Golden Gate Bridge

    Golden Gate Bridge

    Can not say no to the Golden Gate Bridge when remind to San Francisco. The bridge with red - gold bridge have become a symbol of the city. Golden Gate Bridge is open 24/7, sometimes closed on Sunday morning to organize the event. If driving, you will be charged for the $5, but free for pedestrians and bicycles.

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  • Alcatraz


    Commonly known as The Rock, Alcatraz Island, also known as a lighthouse, fort or even the military is a place where prisoners are detained. Alcatraz is a place where detained of notorious criminals such as Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly.

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  • Lombard Street

    Lombard Street

    Located between Hyde and Leavenworth, Lombard Street known as "particularly steep street in the world" though it is not the only way. Lombard Street was built wavy style to reduce the speed of vehicles.

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  • Transamerica Pyramid

    Transamerica Pyramid

    Located in the heart of the financial district, Transamerica is another symbol of San Francisco outside the Golden Gate. According to an architecture who set up the ideal with pyramid shape was to provide air and more light to the road below. Completed in 1972, Transamerica 260 m in height and is currently the highest skyscraper in San Francisco.

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  • Fisherman's Wharf

    Fisherman's Wharf

    Some people prefer the lively, noisy of Fisherman's Wharf. But somebody who can not stand the crowded, its excessive noise. Anyway here is the famous attractions of the city of San Francisco, whose center is Pier 39 (port 39) is the center of commerce and tourism.

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  • Union Square and ChinaTown

    Union Square and ChinaTown

    Union Square with over a 2.6-acre (1.1 ha), Union Square also is shopping central, hotel, and theater district. Today, plaza and surrounding area is one of the largest collections of department stores, luxurious boutiques, art galleries, gift shops, souvenir shop and beauty salons in the US…

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  • North Beach

    North Beach

    North Beach in San Francisco area is also known as Little Italy (Italian small) of gently sloping streets and winding relative. North Beach is located between Chinatown and Fisherman's Wharf, adjacent to Telegraph Hill (Telegraph Hill) and Tower Coit (Coit Tower) to the east, bordering the Russian hills to the west.

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  • City Hall & Mission Dolores

    City Hall & Mission Dolores

    City Hall Opened in 1915, Now the city hall in San Francisco is regarded as one of the notable architecture when to visit, tourist here. Built to resemble the shape of St. Peter in Rome, City Hall dome gilded with America's highest. The building had been damaged in the 1989 earthquake, but was rebuilt in 1995 to 1999 and is open to visitors on tours. Many exhibitions are held in the City Hall ...

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  • The Haight

    The Haight

    When standing at the The Haight, people often reminiscent of the Hippie trend of the 60s. Here you can find from the colorful dresses printed right to the Hippie style trousers flared legs. But The Haight is not simply a shadow of the past, it was a bustling commercial center with free sound effects of neo-liberal Hippie extremely special.

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San Francisco Basic Information

  • Country: United States
  • Address: California
  • Language: English
  • Time Zone: UTC -8
  • Currency: USD
  • Weather: San Francisco's weather is strongly influenced by the cool currents of the Pacific Ocean, which moderate temperature swings and produce a remarkably mild year-round climate with little seasonal temperature variation.
  • Country Code: 1
  • Region: USA

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